How You Attract Pests Into Your Home?

You probably might know the face that pests come only for food. Well, this is true, pest does come for food and water. But even if you’ve adopted the proper preventive measure, the chances of pest infestation would still be equal in your house. Pests are generally unwanted guests, unlike our relatives they hide. That’s the only good thing, but still, you shouldn’t give shelter to them in your house, it’s unsafe. In this article, you’ll read, about mistakes, that we make in our daily life which causes pest infestation.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Gold.

Not cleaning the kitchen properly causes pest infestation, When you don’t clean the kitchen, the food leftovers rot and become a meal for pests. This is how you give them to supply. When you are done with cooking, clean the kitchen appliances like microwave, stove and dishes. Do not leave trash in the house as well, follow waste management and get rid of the garbage.

Unrepaired Leakage.

Leakage causes moisture, which creates a humid atmosphere and pests love humidity. Find any leakage and fix it, in order to maintain a dry and clean atmosphere. Rats and cockroaches usually evolve in this condition. So, by eliminating leakage you’re making them leave the space.

Not Filling Cracks And Covering Gaps.

Wall cracks and gaps where light doesn’t reach becomes the shelter for pests. Use some filings to fill those gaps and cracks. So that, the pests won’t take shelter in those areas.

Storing Clutter In Your Home.

Clutters like newspaper or boxes with useless items become home for pests. The like hiding there and sometimes lay their eggs and give births to their babies. Store these clutter somewhere else away from your home.

Not Using Disinfectant.

Disinfectant kills bacteria in the house and leaves a distinct smell, which is something pests hate. By cleaning your home using disinfectant would make your home nice and clean and pests proof.

Why Hire Professionals To Remove Pests?

Fast Pest Control is a renown professional pest control services provider. We have years of experience in removing pests from the house and commercial area. We’re known to different ways to get rid of pests. Our eco-friendly ways are effective on pests, which won’t damage the environment. Call us on our numbers for complete pests removal session.

How to Get Rid of Mice From Home?

Get Rid of Mice From Home

Just like ants and roaches, mice and rats are the common problems throughout the world. Even the little infestation of mice is enough to create terror and mess around your premise. These public pests can be found anywhere in and around your home. These are the fussy pests can transform your life and home into a hell. Mice can be found anywhere as far as your imagination goes including sheds, garages, gardens and… garbage. They can damage almost everything across the home, including your books, clothing, electronics, electric wire, and food. Besides causing mess and damage, they also pose serious health issues for humans. You should take the necessary actions for mice control as soon as you notice them in your space.

Here are Some Tips for Mice Control in The Home

  • Block Entry Points

    The first and foremost step to remove mice from your home is to block all the entryways. Inspect the surroundings of your home thoroughly look for the cracks, crevices, and other places from where the mice can enter your home. Make your home rodent proof from outside in the first place is the best way to stop mice infestation. Seal any kind of opening or cracks in the wall, and do not forget the vents and pipes.

  • Use Mouse Traps

    How to trap Mice?
    How to trap Mice?

    Using mouse traps is an old but effective way to remove these fussy creatures. If you notice mice roaming across your home, do not take it lightly. You might see one or two running across, but there could be dozens of them. Most homeowners overlook mice and rat issue at first, which is the major mistake. They only bother when the infestation has reached to a heavy extent and when mice control seems impossible. Coming back to the point, setting the traps to the mice prone areas can effectively control their population in the house. There are a number of traps that you can use for mice control in addition to the wooden traps, such as bait traps, glue traps and multi-capture live traps.

  • Set the Right Bait for the Mice Traps

    It’s important to choose the right bait to trap the mice. Look for the things that mice have been eating up around your home. You can use chocolates, bacon, peanut butter, dried fruits, and oatmeal as the mouse bait. Make sure to replace the bait with fresh food at least every two days, better if every day.

  • Proper Placement of The Traps

    Proper Placement of the Mice Traps
    Proper Placement of the Mice Traps

    One of the trickiest part when it comes to mice control is the proper placement of mice traps in the home. Mice usually travel within 10-20 feet of the food sources. Observe the places where the mice frequent, and where there are signs of mice infestation and set the trap your trap there.

  • Prevent Exterior Access

    The gardens outside your home can provide mice and rodents a source of entry inside your home. Trees and weeds lay a foundation for mice entry into your home. To prevent their access inside make sure your trees are trimmed and no branches are reaching your windows. Also, cut overgrown grass and remove the weeds from yards for the effective mice control in your home.

  • Keep Your Home Clean

    Mice do not need water every day and can survive on 3-4 grams of food, which means food crumbs lying around your home are sufficient for their survival inside the home. Vacuum your carpets, floors and counters every day, to make sure there is no residue of food left around the home. Remove all the clutter from your rooms, it can be the hiding places of mice.

    Mice Pest Control Services
    Mice Pest Control Services

Call the Professionals for Mice Control

If you have tried all the possible ways to remove mice from your home and still did not get the success, calling pest controllers is the only option left. Call the team of Fast Pest Control for the mice control, rodent control, and any kind of pest control. We have the guaranteed solutions that can make your home free from pest.