Bees and Wasp Control Services

Looking for a cheap and effective professional bees and wasp control services? At Fast Pest Control we understand the importance of bees in environment. That is why our treatments involve trying to remove their hives safely and relocate them as far from cities as possible. Bees not only produce honey, but also pollinate your flowers. So there is no need to kill them unnecessarily.

Bees and wasps are well known for being hardworking and efficient pollinators of many flowers and crops including citrus, oranges, lychees, passion fruit, mangoes, watermelons, tomatoes, rockmelons, strawberries, and avocados. Most pest management agencies simply hire technicians who kill bees and destroy their valuable hives with harmful chemicals. Fast Pest Control provides professional wasp and Bee Control Services in Brisbane and Melbourne at most affordable prices. Our bee and wasp removal services are offered by certified bee keepers who have years of experience in removing bee hives safely and relocating them.

Australia is home to more than 1500 different species of bees and wasps; varying in shape and size from a teeny 5mm to a petrifying and startling 25mm.

Fast Pest Control Professional Bees and Wasp Control Services

As we mentioned above, Fast Pest Control offers 100 percent safe and effective bee and wasp control services. Our treatments are carried out by experienced beekeepers who know how to remove hives safely and relocate bees. We start by inspecting your entire property for bee and wasp nests as the situation might be a lot worse than what you think. Then we determine if it is absolutely safe to capture the bees and wasps and release them in their natural habitats. Our first priority is always to relocate them. However, if they get aggressive, we might have to resort to fog machines to eliminate them for the safety of your family.

The most common species of wasp found in Australia are paper wasps. Their hives can be commonly found in corner of roofs, attics, basements, and fences around the house. European wasp is another species ordinarily found in western parts of Australia. These wasp have a very powerful sting and are provoked very easily.

It is vital to remove bee hives and wasp nests as soon as possible in order to stop new larvae from developing. This stops these pests from multiplying quickly. Our expert beekeepers use special equipment to capture bees and wasps safely while providing Pest Control Brisbane. Then the hive is removed safely as it can be used for commercial purposes.It’s very easy to identify beehives and wasp nests by sight. It’s wise not to disturb them, especially if there are children around, if you don’t have any experience in beekeeping. Fast Pest Control provides professional bee and wasp control services in Melbourne and Brisbane at most affordable prices. Our experts are available 24*7 to help you with all kinds of pest control needs. Call us at 1800 339 712 to schedule an inspection from our experts and get a free quote of our services.