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How to Get Rid of Ants

Ants are all over the world, having a vast number of species, including the in and around Australia. More than 12,000 various species of ant species are present, some ranking large, while a handful of them come under the house-invading pests.

How to Get Rid of Ants

Quick Look on Ants and Its Species

Several factors determine the ant types invading your living space, all-inclusive the outlook, living area, and the place where you stay. An ant’s body comprises a couple of nodes, scientifically known as  ‘humps.’  It is on its thorax, helping in identifying the species type. These species differ in sizes and colors. Most ants have a tendency of biting and some stings too—very few species like the ‘fire ant,’ both bites as well as pains. Read below the list of several ant species that are commonly found inside or around the living areas. 

▶ Acrobat ants (Crematogaster)

Acrobat ants get its name due to its flexibility and ability to raise the abdomen over the thorax and head when disturbed. They are found in light brown color or black and sometimes multicolored. Their abdomen is heart-shaped. 

▶ Argentine ants (Linepithema humile)

Argentine ants are ordinary-looking ants who are dark brown. They are uniform in shape and size and produce a greasy and musty smell when they are crushed. These kinds of ants are harmless and do not have a sting. But they can bite, causing no pain to you.

▶ Asian needle ant (Pachycondyla Chinensis)

Asian needle ants, unlike other kinds of ants, can live in every kind of area- disturbed and natural both. These ants are a threat to humans as they carry venomous sting that can cause you pain. Their sting can cause you allergy and especially those who are allergic to an insect sting, will be more effective.

▶ Carpenter ants (Camponotus)

The Carpenter ants are one of the most dangerous ants that terrorize homeowners a lot. They are considered the most nuisance creating creatures who don’t harm your home or home property but who can infest your home at a high rate. 

▶ Crazy ant (Paratrechina longicornis)

These kinds of ants usually live in subtropical and tropical populated areas of the world but they can also be found in undisturbed areas. They are normal scavengers who tend Homoptera for honeydew-producing. These ants build their nest by gathering dry litter or mulch under the objects of the ground. 

▶ Dark rover ants (Brachymyrmex patagonicus)

Dark rover ants are one of the tiniest indoor ant species found on the earth. They are small brown ants whose length depends on their caste i.e. workers measure 1-2 mm, queen measures 3 mm and males 1 mm. 

▶ European fire ant (Myrmica rubra)

European fire ants also are known as Myrmica Rubra is the species of ants of genus Myrmica. They are mostly red with little darker pigment on the head. These ants are aggressive and thus carry sting with which they attack others, not defend. 

▶ Field ant (Formica)

Also known as thatching ants, red ants, and wood ants, field ants get its name due to building their nest outdoors in fields, parks, gardens, and lawns. The largest genus of ants is field ants only. 

Types of Ants

Signs of Ants Infestation 

The ant infestation has never been a good and commendable sight. And under no circumstances, most house owners can move out of the same. Irrespective of any season of the year, it turns difficult to seal off your house totally from these little pests. But the know-how behind the reason of them entering your house aid in keeping these ant invasions to a minimum count. Below mentioned are the significant five reasons behind this persistent ant infesting problem in your living habitat and also the intelligent methods to prevent the same. 

  Unattended Food

Ants require food and water to survive like any other living species. Infestations are widespread in kitchens. These ants often look for accessible food sources making it one of the most excellent remedies causing various ant infestations.

Keep most of the same inside the fridge to avoid ant infestations. Moreover, you should clean up the kitchen spills daily. Keep the food in airtight containers and the dry goods container to keep these hungry pests away from searching for food in your kitchen storeroom. Moreover, it also places some bay leaves, as its smell repels most ants. 

Oily Surfaces

You may not realize that the left-behind grease or food-residue acts as another less obvious food source in your kitchen.  The subtle leftover food particles help in attracting ant often hiding on your gas-stove top of the food storage container sides. Anything else that could leave a sticky residue is sure to wipe off, like the honey bottles, syrup containers, jam jars. Especially when making foods that easily splatter, like bacon and sauces, make sure also regularly to wipe down your stovetop post-cooking. This eliminates yet another possible source of food that draws ants into your living habitat. 

Sticky Garbage

Even soda bottles or canned food jars before tossing them in the garbage makes it easy for us to forget to rinse out your garbage bins daily. Unfortunately, ants are especially drawn to things that contain sugar and have no problem in diving to get hold of your leftover food scraps.  

Particularly for the ones in your kitchen, you should try remembering to clean out these garbage bins regularly. Before you toss it in the trash, ensure rinsing out the food storage waste, along with the Ziploc baggies used for holding snacks in your kid’s lunchbox.  Seal them thoroughly before you throw them away into the bin. Keep your trash from turning into a buffet for these ants.

Spilling Faucets And Pipes 

Apart from food, many ant species require a reliable water source for surviving.  Particularly in your kitchen and bathrooms, it is essential to ensure that the water and moisture are not lingering in commonly moist areas.  

Close the windows and seal them well during wet weather. Moreover, inspect the sinks and toilets for any leakages.  Be aware of the additional sources of moisture in your home too.  

Decaying Wood  In Your Home

Ants are species making their nests in moist or decaying wood. The leaking pipes and any good rainstorm wets all along with your home. And it makes a perfect hide-out for the colonies of carpenter ants as well as pharaoh ants. 

Clear out these tree stumps and fallen branches from your yard by replacing these rotting wood in your house’s structure.  For both termites and ants, it aids in the elimination of any possible ground for nesting. 

Signs of Ants infestation

Identifying Ants Inside The House

The social insect’s ants, when entered inside the existing premises, the entire gang follows. Read below to discover several ways of identifying and making sure of getting rid of these grimy pests from your house.

 Know-how on types of ants you have to evade 

It is essential to get the know-how on the species of ant you are trying to get rid of.  Know about your enemy and find out the nest, food sources that attract them, and most effective managing methods. For instance, these small black ants reside inside the outdoor of their ant colony. They hunt around the structures for scavenging over residual food particles and certain food items like sweetener, starch, and assorted meats. Follow the trail of these small black ants to their place of residing for treatment over the problem source. These infestations by little black ants are treated best by concealing all the entrance areas. It also makes sure of any future ants to not get inside your home.

The carpenter ants carry a ‘dedicated approach’ and are very tough in controlling. It is so, especially when they try building their nest in moist or wet woods. Later, after the long run, these nests cause severe damage to wood. It is complicated to find the nest of these carpenter ants, as they nest in various places, together with following the interiors and exteriors of your living habitat.  Plan to get a thorough inspection conducted by a certified pest management professional company and get knowledge of the most useful pest controlling plan to combat these carpenter ants.

Reasons Behind Ant Infestation

Ants enter houses for any number of reasons, especially in the search for food, and there might be a brighter chance of your living abode happening to be close to an ant colony! The same humans, the ants eat for survival, and they too have young ones to feed! They bother always by causing distress. The house we live in represents the right source for food and water source while protecting the predators and additional elements. It helps in serving as an essential area for the construction of brand new ant colonies. It takes place mainly when these ants are ready for expanding their population. But of course, you might want to guard the same against this raid as well as the making of colonies. For that, you have to apply all the precautionary measures stoically. 

Reasons behind ant infestation

Get Rid Of Ants In The Best Possible Manner

Disappointingly, controlling over ants does not have any quick fix. Some ant invasions create a problem for all house owners when their early summer or late spring copulation flights are in action. Wipe the area thoroughly where the ants generally travel with the help of a daily-use kitchen purifier. This helps in erasing the trails that are scented ones that they have left behind! 

Yet again the finest means of learning to get rid of all these slimy creatures is contacting a professional pest control agency of Australia. They cater to all ongoing service plans with the aid of all pest management professional tools. It stands as the key to the management of all sorts of pest issues in your residence. These service technicians are experts in working with your specific requirement while creating the best approach for evading ants and keeping them at bay for future times. The services are all-inclusive internal and external treatments, sealing the entrance zones in and around the house, besides the placement of regulators against the rapid growth of insects surrounding your property.

 》Quick-fixes To Starve Ants

Apart from wiping and vacuuming the surfaces,  you should store food in the right manner. It is essential, as ants quickly climb into an open biscuit box, even if the bag is kept securely.
Instead, purchase a couple of airtight boxes for storing food items.  Lock the lids tightly and securely as it provides no ways for an ant or any additional scavengers to allow to go inside. Wipe the storage kitchen containers after every use thoroughly. Remember that these ants feed on various residues that you tend to leave behind, like the exterior of any jam containers! Instead, try storing food in places that are hard to reach like fridges, ice-boxes, resealable and reusable plastic pouches, glass jars, and so on.

 》Over-the-counter Ant Sprays 

Ant control sprays come in various forms. It is vital in remembering these substances might be harmful if the label mentioned alongside the product and its said directions are not followed thoroughly. Sprays generally kill the ants while acting as a deterrent. Most of the over-the-counter sprays come without any residual or long-lasting effect. And the ants entering your house, find a method of walking past the spray! Moreover, their colony remains intact by producing more numbers of ants.
On similar lines, the outdoor colonies extend far below the ground, where almost all over-the-counter sprays and additional treatments stop to work.

 》Some Natural Methods To Kill Ants 

Would you like walking into your kitchen early in the morning, sleepy-eyed only to make your morning coffee – and you find your home invaded by ants! Below are some natural methods to remove ants or ways to kill ants without any toxic chemicals. 

✅ Peppermint Oil And Plant

Peppermint, a natural insect repellent, can be planted around your home. The essential peppermint oil acts as a natural remedy for controlling ant invasion. Ants hate the smell of any home smelling minty fresh—plant mint at the entrance and the house perimeter. Apply the same in areas like the kitchen cabinets, as these are the places where the ants frequent very often.

✅ Acetic Vinegar

A half-and-half vinegar and water solution in a spray bottle, directly applies to the ants killing them.  Then wipe these ants with a wet towel and dispose of them. Also, vinegar is mixed with water as a deterrent to spray all over the window ledge, doorways, and various other areas where the ants invade.

✅ Lime Juice

Lime juice destroys the scent trails which the ants follow. Try making a solution consisting of one part lemon juice to three parts water.  Use the same as a multi-purpose spray in and around the main entrance and your house perimeters, where you find ants.

✅ Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon powder is an excellent option for killing ants when inhaled; these ants choke and breathe their last. Sprinkle the cinnamon powder on the area where these ants keep invading and also in front of the opening of an anthill. Make your work easy by using cinnamon essential spray oils as it also works well over repelling the ants. Mix a few cinnamon oil drops in the plain water. You can then spray on these ants’ trail, all along the path beside the entranceways, window edges, and crevices.

✅ Black Pepper Or Cayenne Powder

Ants detest black pepper or cayenne powder. Try locating the primary source of action and the area where the problem rose related to ant’s infestation. Sprinkle some pepper or cayenne powder and try creating a wall while stopping the ants from entering inside the house. A substitute solution is mixing pepper powder in water and spray the same at the ants. 

✅ Diatomaceous Earth (De)

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is none but the fossilized remnants of marine phytoplankton, working well to repel ants. The microscope DE razor-sharp edges cut across the ants’ exoskeletons, slowly causing their body.

Sprinkle some DE over the edges of window sills, below the fridge, kitchen lofts, and the garbage bin lids where the ants invade. Repeat this action every day till the annoying ants vanish. 

✅ Chalk Powder

Make use of chalk powder as a home remedy for getting rid of ants. The calcium carbonate present in chalk powder helps in keeping ants at bay. Mix some chalk powder all along with the entry points of these ants. You can draw a line of chalk near the entrance door to keep ants out of your living space. These lines are undoubtedly useful in stopping the infestation of ants.

✅ Orange And Orange Peel

Orange and its peel, like limes, keep the ants at bay from your living space. In a cup of lukewarm water, prepare a soft dough by adding a spoonful of orange peel into the same. The dough helps in getting rid of ants very fast. You can spread this entire paste near the entrance, from where the ants get inside. Moreover, place some orange peels on top of the kitchen slab or whichever place these ants have chances to enter. It is none but a natural ant-deterrent keeping them away. 

✅ Table Salt

Table salt is the pocket-friendly and the best way of getting rid of ants on a natural course. Keep ants at bay by sprinkling table salt near the crevices, as that is where they enter the house. Also, boil water and add a heap full of salt to it. Stir well and pour the mix into a sprinkler.  Spray all the places, which allows the ants to enter.

So, keep trying some of these natural methods to remove and kill ants without any toxic chemicals, and bid adieu.

How To Get Rid of Ants

A Permanent Solution To Get Over With Ant Problem

There are more grimy pests around us, and it is difficult to imagine a world without pests! If seen closely, the fight for eradicating ants and additional bugs and small insects is in progress. Most issues related to controlling ants rely on the capabilities of ants. For instance, the prior mentioned ‘trail of scent’ does not only run amid their ant colonies and various food sources. These pheromonic trails keep on leading all the ants to their make-shift satellite colonies. They keep on doing the same while protecting their clan from any ‘anti-pest treated’ nest.

Proper treatments catered by all pest management professional companies is the one most able solution for Ant Control. They follow strict obedience and are fully dedicated to prevention against the same. Ants generally come back again and again. It is just how problematic it turns for them to enter the house and how thoroughly you are prepared to combat them.

Professional Ant Control

Final Thought – Getting Professional Ant Controller Assistance

The social creatures, ants, are very much a social creature, and seeing a single ant most likely means that more are somewhere around the same area. The killing of these pests will never take care of the problem permanently.  Useful ant control mostly caters to finding as well as treating their colony.

Let these pros help you in pest-proofing your heavenly abode. It is a good point of initiation to get the infestation of ants under control. With the persistence of ants, you might require calling in the professionals for a long-time solution.  Feel free to contact us to Get Free Quote on effective and reliable services for pest-control to the areas around Australia. Fast Pest Control is sure to get the ant infestations under control for good and long.