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It is challenging to remove unwanted pests from your house. People use various pest control DIY in their home, but they get zero results. In this case, we need professional help who know all the techniques to control pests. Fast Pest Control Newmarket provides all kind of pest treatments and prevention across Queensland. We are a licensed pest exterminator for your property.

Our Pest Control Newmarket, treat Less commonly species include Cockroaches, Spiders, Rats, birds, Ants and possums, General Pests. Fast pest control team is ready to answer your questions if you think you may have a problem or want professional advice on pests.

Newmarket is an inner north-west suburb in the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is an older, mostly residential suburb containing pre-war and post-war homes, including many fine examples of the Queenslander style of home. We serve all over Paddington and also covers the nearby suburbs.

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Fast Pest Control – We Serve Everywhere in Newmarket

Welcome to Fast Pest Control Newmarket – your nearby pest control specialists. We convey extraordinary pest eradication services to secure your homes in an inventive and safe way over all suburbs of Newmarket. Our advanced and effective pest control techniques to make secure and safe conditions for your homes and workplaces. Fast Pest Control Newmarket use usual way of doing things for expelling pest guarantees that your life gets liberated from a wide range of undesirable pest.

The preference for Fast Pest Control is our customers, our atmosphere, and our people on board. We have been providing innovative and safe pest control treatments all across cosmopolitan and remote areas for about two decades now.


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  • Local Pest Control Newmarket Company.
  • We Use Eco-Friendly & Pet Safe Pest Control Methods.
  • Same Day Pest Control Services At Affordable prices.
  • 100% Guaranteed Pest Gone!
  • Over 10 years of experience.
  • Pest Removal & Eradication Services.
  • Reliable & Safe Pest Treatment.
  • Free Quotes over the phone call.
  • Pest Infestation Control & Treatment.
  • Customer-friendly support and competent, impartial advice.
Pest Control Inspection Newmarket
Pest Control Inspection

Same Day Pest Inspection Newmarket

Are you looking for the same day pest control services across Newmarket? then don’t go anywhere as Fast Pest Control Newmarket is the place you need to be.We have a group of specialists pest controlling services, working right now over 10 years with the most recent innovation and best value, battling with a wide range of pests.

Fast Pest Control specialist in pest inspections, building inspections and pool inspections in the inner Newmarket area. Whether you have crawling pest infestation or flying pest infestation or any kind of pest, whether it is in commercial property or residential, we can handle it all. Call now on 0488 849 399 for the same day pest inspection Newmarket!

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Pest are the most significant issues for everyone, whether it is in a commercial area or residential areas. If we cannot control these pests, they can damage your property as well as also affect your health. To avoid these problems, hire pest control professionals, as they have effective pest control services at a reasonable price.

Getting such a large regional team means that in and around Newmarket, we have great knowledge and skill of controlling the pest issues. So get in touch with our specialist’s team of a technician at Fast Pest Control Newmarket and see how we help you get rid of those pests off you house for good. ☎ Call us today for a free estimate at 0488 849 399.

Regional Pest Control Services

Fast Pest Control Newmarket is a leading pest control company providing services for homes and businesses throughout the areas of Newmarket. We have years of experience in pest control, and our experts easily identify the types of pests that are plaguing the property. They understand what kind of pest control methods is effective in killing pests from people’s house with the help of latest and reliable equipment. We have assigned only the well-trained and proficient professionals for the process of pest control. Our expert are always ready to help you with your aid and provide services according to the need. We work on weekends as well and you can reach us online for the best offers.

Local Pest Control Services

Practical and Excellent Pest Control

Cost Effective And Excellent Pest Control

People think that dealing with unwanted pest issues in their home is controlled by DIY techniques which are cheaper than hiring professional pest controllers. It is right for some pests but not for all the pests. Some pests are hazardous which are no controlled by DIY. For them, You need an experienced hand who can provide the most effective pest control methods without burning the hole in our customers’ pocket.

We use high-quality substances in our pest control methods that do not cause any harmful effect on your family and pets. Also, we revisit after a specific time to check if the services provided are accurate or not. Our experts also give free pest control consultation and methods to our clients. Call us for the free quotes today.

Residential Pest Control Services

Domestic Pest Control Services

If you are looking at unwanted pests like cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, rats and spiders, then be aware. These pests can cause food contamination, illness, discomfort and sometimes social embarrassment. To control them, hire our Fast Pest Control Newmarket who understands your need to keep your home and loved ones protected from these unwanted pests. We have the best team of technicians dedicated to keep you away from the vulnerability caused by the household pests and give you a healthy and comfortable life.

Moreover, our pest extermination services include pigeon removal, pigeon poo clean up, Silverfish control, spider control, insect control, bird control, bee removal, possum removal, and white ant control services.

Industrial Pest Control Services

Try not to allow the pest to destroy your business picture and creation and keep your offices secured and pest free with Fast Pest Control. Giving pest control treatment to longer than 10 years. Our commercial pest control methods are developed to target mainly the common pests found in the offices and the various workspaces. We also provide tailor-made commercial pest control management programs to businesses in the following categories:

  • Restaurants
  • Food Distribution Centers
  • Hotels.
  • Educational Facilities.
  • Office Buildings.
  • Healthcare Facilities
Commercial Pest Control Services

Various  Methods Used By Fast Pest Control Newmarket

Fast Pest Control Newmarket offers various methods to control pests in various businesses like warehousing, shipping, milling, cargo, manufacturing, and agriculture using the latest and advanced technology to avoid extensive disruption to your operations. These are carrying out in compliance with export, import, and safety regulations. Treatments include the following:

Fumigation Treatment

This method of pest control that fills an area with gaseous pesticides. It is a process that is used to control pests in buliding, soil, grains and is also use during the processing of goods to be shipped to prevent the transfer of exotic organisms. This method also affects the building itself, attacking pests that inhabit the physical structure, such as wood borers and dry wood termites.

We Fast Pest Control Newmarket offer simple, cost effective fumigation treatment with professional services for an affordable cost. It is mostly used to prevent the Stored Product Insects including weevils, mites, and moths.

Sterilization Treatment

It is a process that eliminates all forms of pests like microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, spores, Plasmodium, etc. and other biological agents like prions present in a specific surface, object or fluid, for example, food or biological culture media. Sterilization can be done through various means, including heat, chemicals, irradiation, high pressure, and filtration.

If you need this treatment, than you can hire Fast Pest Control Newmarket compnay that offers affordable Sterilization treatment to deal with the infestations. 

Pest Disinfection Treatment

Disinfection is the process of eliminating the diseases causing pathogens and bacteria carried by pests which pose a risk to human health. Fast Pest Control provides a food-safe, non-irritant, and non-corrosive and non-staining pest disinfection service effective against bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungal spores. Our technicians use a high-level multi-surface cleaner to reduce the spread of such infectious pathogens effectively.

Poisoned Baiting Pest Control Treatment

One of the primary methods use to target insects such as ants, mice, ants, cockroaches, and other pests. Our expert technicians inspect your house and then uses poisoned baiting made of some attractive food product that has combined with an insecticide on the most infested areas. The bait causes the pests to either die or affect their normal behaviour, ultimately collapsing the population of the target insects.

Pest Free Agriculture Land With Fast Pest Control Newmarket

Crops are the primary source for the income of the farmer, and if all the crops are ruine due to unwanted pests, it creates financial problem to them. If you are also suffering from various pests in your field that damage your crops, then you have not to worry now as our Fast pest control Newmarket provides you with the best solution for it. Our experts use various methods to control pests like Myriapods, bees, ants, wasps, fleas and many more. These pests are hazardous as they destroy all the natural resources of land and an increase in soil erosion and degradation of land. To examine it, you can choose our team as they use specialized solutions for the pest extermination to remove even the smallest of the pest.

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Most of the insects have wings during their adult stage. Some of them fly only during their reproductive stage. These flying insects have the potential to cause serious damage to human beings and the human environment. Be it flies, mosquitoes or moth – you need to ensure their removal from your home/office to stay healthy and safe!

Flies And Mosquitoes Control


Flies and Mosquitoes Control Newmarket

It love to feed and breed on filth. They carry disease-causing organisms and bring them to your homes and businesses. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, can cause serious diseases such as dengue and malaria with just one bite. Both these flying insects are very dengerous to your health.

Bee And Wasp Control Services


Bee and Wasp Control Newmarket

The sting of a bee is really painful especially for children, which can lead to allergic reactions. Also, once they sting, it needs to be removed from the skin. Wasps are popular for their painful stings and if they build a nest in your home, it becomes all the more dangerous.

Moth Control Services


Moth Control Newmarket

It is infamous for damaging carpets, clothing, tapestries, and upholstered furniture. They feed on animal products like animal hair, wool, silk, feathers, and leather. To save your stuff from damage, you need moth control services.

Crawling Pest Control Newmarket 

Most insects in their early stage are unable to fly and hence crawl, these are known as crawling pests. But just because they cannot fly, it does not mean they can’t spread diseases and cause other issues. Fast Pest offers sure shot treatment for all of the following crawling pests:

Cockroaches Control Brisbane


Cockroaches Control Newmarket

One of the most common and yet the most dangerous crawling pests found in homes is cockroach. They contaminant surfaces and food through the disease-causing organisms that they carry. Cockroaches are also found in healthcare facilities, restaurants, and other food related properties.

Bed Bugs Control Brisbane


Bed Bugs Control Newmarket

They feed on blood and that is the main reason they bite. They can hide in furniture frames, carpets, cupboards and bedrooms where they sense human presence for a long time. Their bite causes a bump on the skin but they may not transmit diseases.

Spiders Control Brisbane


Spiders Control Newmarket

They are ugly to look at and they mar the beauty of your property. Moreover, people are afraid of spiders and some of them can sting causing pain. Though spiders help homeowners by feeding on various other small pests, a heavy infestation can cost you peace of mind.

Ants Control Brisbane


Ants Control Newmarket

They sting, some of them bite, and most importantly they are a nuisance. Though they do not transmit any disease some of them are regarded as pests. But if you do not want ants in your sight, make sure to treat the infestation them on time.

Fleas and Ticks Control Brisbane


Fleas and Ticks Control Newmarket

These infestation in the home is a matter of great concern. Their infestation is one of the biggest threat to the well-being of your lovely pets. Fleas and Ticks pests get stick to the animals’ skin and feed on their blood, that results in intense irritation and deteriorated health of your pets.

Silverfish Pest Control Brisbane


Silverfish Control Newmarket

It is a worm-like creature which mimics the movement of that of a fish. It appears as a small and elongated silver or grey coloured creature that is swift and fast, Silverfish are very stubborn pests and its very difficult to get rid of them.

Rodents Control Newmarket

Fast Pest Control Newmarket knows how embarrassing a rat infestation can be in your home and dealing with it is a very frustrating job. That’s why we try to make you feel at ease by successfully eradicating the rodent from you premises. We want to protect your home from dangerous substances, so our rodent control professionals take a poison-free approach to resolve the rodent infestation.

Mice Control

Mice Control Newmarket

Mice are very dangerous to our property as well as health. If they find access to food storage areas or your kitchen, they also damage property, electrical wires, and your vehicles too. Both rats and mice are different types of rodents and can cause severe damage to human beings.

Rat Control Newmarket

Rats are so smart that they can gnaw even through metal to get into your home or office. Rats spread various diseases and additionally can contaminant food. They can also lead to other problems, so you should not take their presence lightly.

Rat Control
Pre Purchase Pest Inspection


Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

Purchasing a house would one say one is of the most significant budgetary responsibilities of your lifetime; however, in what capacity will you ensure that you are buying a quality property with no hidden surprises? Having a pre-buy pest inspection in Newmarket from our expert pest controllers will give you a genuine feeling of the mind. Our expert pest inspectors will recognize any issues and will produce report so you will know which issues are corrective and which could be more serious.

Restaurants Pest Control


Business Pest Control Newmarket

With regards to cleanliness and irritation control matters nobody needs to take any risk on the reputation of the business. Pest pervasion is one of the most disappointing issues to handle for café proprietors and others in the foodservice business. In this way, we give a protected and compelling eatery pest control treatment altered by your business or office needs. So, Get your telephone and call us for your pest control needs in Newmarket.

End-Of-Lease Pest Control Services


End of Lease Pest Control Treatment

Planning to move to another home or you have quite recently settled in another apartment and discovered it to have pest issues. Try not to stress we at Fast Pest control Newmarket is there to furnish you with the finish of rent pest control treatments. Just call us and will arrive at your doorstep in a matter of moments. Dispose of pests around the same time of hiring. We are accessible nonstop and have a quick reaction in a emergency.

Backyard Pest Control Services

Get Your Garden and Backyard Pest Free 

A healthy nursery with an variety of plants is the ideal spot for pests as it furnishes them with safe house, nourishment and fantastic living space. While pollinators are appropriate for your nursery, numerous pests can damage your stunning garden or lawn and aslo causehealth risks to your loved ones. We at Fast Pest Control Newmarket can solve your this problem; as we are authorized, tested and safe garden and backyard pest treatment in Newmarket. Contract Fast Pest control today on the off chance that you have a pest infestation in your lawn or nursery in Newmarket.

Environment -Friendly Pest Control Newmarket

Our environment plays a critical role in our growth. The pesticides available in the market may be the pests; they also leave a harmful impact on the health of your family. That is why; we at Fast Pest Control, take an eco-friendly approach to tackle the harmful pests attacking your property. Our expert pest controllers are ready to go to extra miles in providing you with only the powerful, yet safe solutions designed for Newmarket’s climate and lifestyles. Get the benefits of professional pest control with eco-friendly solutions.

Eco Friendly Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

We Covered All the Locality of Newmarket

Fast Pest Control has been providing a collection of pest control services in Newmarket and across all locations, including metro and remote areas. Our teams of qualified and productive pest controllers are furnished with the latest equipment to tackle all kinds of pests, insects or animals that are causing damages to your property and health. Don’t wait anymore and reach for us today! Avail the benefit of our trained pest removal services in Newmarket within a few hours of booking.

A Few of the Many Service Areas We Deal In:

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Don’t let a pest infestation destroy your world. With our unique Pest Control Newmarket services, say goodbye to the unwanted pests attacking your homes and offices. Fast Pest Control is the one-stop solution for all the pest problems in Newmarket. Our trusted expert staffs train to handle a wide variety of pests problems using the most powerful pest control treatments which are safe for kids, pets as well as family. We are certified and authorized pest control professionals in Newmarket.

If you still have some questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to get the answers to your queries.

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Frequently Asked Question on Pest Control Newmarket

What methods do professionals used for pest control?


Professionals in Fast Pest Control Newmarket Uses various method and techniques to control unwanted pests from your house and office. We have updated equipment and skilled trainers who can provide same day pest control service.

What are DIY techniques used to kills pests instantly?


There are many household products like vinegar, turmeric, Sugar and baking soda to kill the pests instantly. You can make a mixture of vinegar and water directly spray onto the pests.

What are the main causes for pests infestation in house?


The leading cause of the pest infestation in the house is to uncover foods and unhygienic area. They are especially fond of sugary foods, starchy foods, and greasy substances, so anything sweet works like an ant magnet.

How much should pest control cost?


Taking pest control services are very affordable for your home and office. It is providing by the experts and ensure that this kind of pests can not bother you in future. We believe in providing 100% satisfaction to our consumers at an affordable price.

Can all the pests be harmful?


Not all. Some species of pests like rodents, cockroaches, moths, bed bugs etc have bite humans. The bites may cause swelling, irritation, and injury.

How do I get rid of pests?


Cover all the open food and water source in your kitchen and pantry areas. Our pest control experts will get rid of all pesky pests with using specialists services and safe chemicals free products.

What are the benefits of hiring your professional pest control?


When you do it yourself for pest control, it may injure you and your loved one. It’s good to hire professionals because they are well trained and know about the pests. So, Our professional pest control team provide quick, effective and Eco-friendly services at one time. You will get the safe and guaranteed results.