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Rodent Control Brisbane: Effective Ways of Rats and Mice Removal

Nobody really prefers the rodent’s existence at their place as not only are they a nuisance, they can also do a lot of damages to property. It is far more damaging to have rats and mice at home if there were any babies, sick people or animals at home. People with allergic response and asthma may also get severely affected as there are allergens in rat urine.

Rodents are warm – blooded creature with larger than average front teeth which are adapted for chewing. Just having a few around can result in massive infestation. This is not recommended to use any chemicals yourself as any inappropriate chemicals can damage not only rats but your family and animals’ health.

Rodent Control Brisbane
Rat and Mice Control

Rodent Proof Your Premises with Rodent Control Brisbane

With capable expertise and experienced professional to make available to you with effective control measures Fast Pest Control provides you with a long term solution within days.

Fast Pest Control Brisbane has tremendous experience in doing this and are striving to provide prompt and efficient treatments for mice and rodent control. We guarantee that our skilled staff examine the impacted zone and will find a way to tackle your rodent issues for good. All of the products used by our experts are eco friendly, non toxic to humans and pets, have no odor and do not discolor the walls, thus being greatly praise in the market.

Types of Rodent We Deal With

Rodents are small mammals that are categorized by a single pair of front teeth which are fit for strong bite. They form almost 40% of all mammal species thus being the largest class of mammals. They are very large in amount and can be found in most of the parts of the word.

Types of Rodent:


Rats are the most well-known rodents found in buildings and homes. They are by far the most easily recognized rodents in the world, ranging in colors such as brown, black and even plain white. They can indeed be easily differentiated from mice with gray fur as well as their long tails. Usually they consume on nutritional products including nuts, grain, etc. But sometimes they can consume their own feces and perhaps even flesh as well. They tend to accumulate the food grains stored and sometimes even cause some serious infections such as measles to spread.


Mouse seems to be a rodent genus generally referred to as mice. They do seem to be small rodents with a fast breeding rate and can also be spotted both in the woods and in the household. Mouse can also digest anything but like rat prefer vegetarian diet. They are 10 times smaller in size as compare to the rats thus are more active than them. Having long and strong tooth they can bite through any objects even a human hand. That’s why it is important to be extra careful when one is dealing with them.


Beavers are usually found in the wild and have a flat, hardtail, with arched backs and obtrude noses. After the capybara they are the second largest rodents on earth. It is not in their nature to attack someone out of blue. Nevertheless, they could bit and their bites can sometimes be highly painful. Over the years, their populations have dropped significantly due to excessive hunting.


These are the cute rodents which are observed most often in forests and jungles, and also in public parks and gardens. They are very sky and tend to flee at the smallest sound of animals or humans. As squirrels are not capable of digesting cellulose, they only consumes food with protein, carbohydrates, and fats which is why their regular consumption is nuts which they mainly store in trees or in the ground. They are creatures which are so gentle that they might rarely hurt anyone and are therefore less problematic for people. But they can indirectly transfer diseases to humans.


For most of the part, hamsters have been regarded to be one of the cutest rodent species with their fat-bodied, ears, a short tail of around 2.5cm. They are described as tiny and fat creatures which depending on the species come in different colours, including black, gray, combination, and white, brown, yellow, red. And very delicate and are helpless to changes in temperature, both hot and cold. They have poor vision and seem to be colorblind and nearsighted. So to locate food and routes hamster use their scent glands on their flanks to rub against the objects leaving trails of scent which their good sense of smell can locate.

Rat and Mice Treatment Services in Brisbane
Rat and Mice Treatment Services

Area Damages Cause by Rodent

Business Consequences:

If you are a business owner than you must be familiar with the fact that the businesses need to stay within health and safety guidelines not only for the inspection but also for the staff and having a rodent running around will only result in closing down your business. An office building is the best place for rodent to live in. Without any predators they have the freedom to roam around in the office building once your staffs go home. Not only do they transmit harmful disease such as asthma, rabies, and Lyme disease; but if they have taken residence inside your hotel/office than they are going to attract more pests. They act as parasites for mites, ticks, and fleas as well. This means, now your staffs have to deal with more diseases causing pests.

No matter the type of business you have having a rodent in your premises will only have a negative impact in your business and image. However, such type of catastrophe can be prevented. With our Rodent Control Brisbane service, your business can indeed be protected from rodents’ destructive nature as well as a host of many other harmful pests. Contact us today with questions or to set up service.

Home or Garden:

Rodents tends to hide at places where homeowners don’t inspect often and if will left untreated could result in rodent infestation. If rats break into your house even though they don’t enter a direct living area, it is very dangerous situation for you. Especially in cases where you have pets and children.  In certain circumstances, rodent disasters could effectively cause structural harm or can construct entry points for other pests to enter the structure.

Any rat issue within in the house should be addressed as more of an important matter. Contact our rodent control Brisbane specialists to know more about it.

Dangerous Diseases Spread by Rodents

Rat-bite fever:

Also known as Relapsing Fever is a general bacterial illness which is caused when an individual comes in contact or is bitten or scratched by a mouse or rat. This is a rare disease transmitted by infected rodents and can also be caused by bacteria of two particular kinds.

This disease’s symptoms typically involve skin inflammation, fever, and nausea.

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome:

HPS was first identified in 1993, and although rare, HPS is a serious, quite often deadly, human respiratory illness caused by hantavirus infection. It can get transmitted through via urine, dropouts, or saliva of an infected rodent.

Being a rare disease the symptoms are not yet known. However with the limited amount of data it implies that the average range between which one will start getting noticeable symptoms is between 1 and 8 weeks after getting in contact with an infected rodent. Some common symptoms incorporate weariness, fever, muscle hurts, dazedness, stomach distress, queasiness and diarrhea.

Murine Typhus:

It is an infectious disease which can indirectly transmitted by rodent. It is caused when a person get in contact with infected fleas. Typically, a flea gets infected via infected hosts such as dogs, cats or rats. The symptoms of this disease normally take 2 weeks to start getting noticeable after one get in contact with infected fleas or flea dirt. The most common symptoms include Fever and chillness, vomiting, nausea, cough and rash.


Also known as canicola fever, canefield fever, 7 days fever and black jaundice. It is the most common bacterial disease transmitted to humans from animals. It is caused by infection with Leptospira bacteria which can pass from rats to humans. When a person get in contact with infected food or water contaminated via animal urine.

The most common symptoms include high fever, severe headache, irritated eyes, muscle pain (particularly in the lower back and calves), and vomiting and may include jaundice. If get untreated it can cause kidney damage liver failure, and respiratory distress.

Early Warning Signs of Mice & Other Rodents Infestation

Are you by any chance getting some scraping noises at night or come across small dark brown droppings which look like grain of rice? If it does, you may have a rat infestation – however don’t panic, we’re here to assist.

Contact Fast Pest Control on phone number to discuss our highly efficient rodent control techniques with our specialists. Of course not all of the rodent infestation is same. So Fast Pest Control experts bring you some common signs to look for to identify signs of rats?

Scratching Noises

Brown rats generate a grinding nose with their teeth which made it easy for one to identify them easily. They are almost always active at night so try listening to any strange noises in either the roof or under floorboards.

Pet Behavior

If you have rodent in the house your pets will start to act unusual. They may start barking and sometimes pawing around some areas of your house such as refrigerators, stoves, or the parts of furniture with low. Be conscious of the activities of your pet as they can serve as warning indications of rodent infestation in your house.

Rub and Grease Marks

Due to their poor vision rats and mice tends to use some established routes. Over time as they travel along these routes the dirt and grease on their bodies leaves oily marks on the objects rodents’ bodies brush against such as walls, floors and skirting.


Rodent urine frequently and their urine have strong ammonia like odour. These odours will be particularly large in closed areas like cupboards. Rodent uses this smell either to mark their land or just to help guide them reposition themselves inside a home, as it is often stronger along established paths.


If by any chance you are seeing some tooth marks of about one-eighth of an inch long around your home there are high chances that rodent lies somewhere near. These tiny creatures can cause some severe destruction as they chew and nibble on hard objects. They can even chew though electric cables resulting in equipment break down and power shortages.


Mice and rats can produce up to 40 droppings at night! The droppings are the most easily identifiable sign of rodent infestation which can indicate the type of rodent infestation and the most active place to find them. These droppings are the size of grain of black rice or small raisins pointed at one or both ends.

Easy Steps to Prevent Mice & Other Rodent Infestation

Rodents produce offspring in a quite short period of time so what looks like a tiny populations can become full-blown infestations in a matter of time.

Fortunately, homeowners can use these efficiently and effectively ways to discourage rats and mice form taking up residence in your home thus prevent rodent infestation in your homes:

  • Since rats and mice can came through even a small opening it is best to seal the holes and crack on the inside as well as outside of your house to prevent the rodent from entering your home. This also includes the areas where utility pipes and vents occur.
  • Repair or replace the damage ventilation screens in your home and if needed install door sweeps.
  • Separate them from their food source by carefully storing food in places out of reach for them. Keep the food in a container tightly sealed and if there are any food leftovers than discard them as quickly as possible.
  • As well as seeking food rodents also seek for water resources. It is best to wipe out the rats and mice from any kind of water source or moisture, including the leaks in the bathroom pipes or the clogged drains which can provide the rodent the perfect environment for breeding.
  • A cluttered and untidy property can be the best place for any type of pests. It is best to clean your place so the rodents and other pests can’t find any hidden shelters for them. Place the newspaper and wood away from your home so you can prevent rodents and other pests entering your house.
  • If you believe you are suffering from a rodent infestation, then get in touch with a qualified rodent control company to examine and take care of the mice and rodent issues.

Why Choose Fast Pest Rodent Control Services?

With over 20 years of experience serving Brisbane and nearby areas Fast Pest Control has become one of the most trusted mice and rodent control company. Our technicians are well trained and are also ready to tackle every kind of rodent infestation issues they came across. At Fast Pest Control, our technicians will provide you with highly targeted treatment to deal with any rat problem and will advise on how to keep your home free of rats in the future.

  • We only utilize protected, generally safe items at whatever point possible to give you a rodent and mice free condition and a state-of-the-art true feelings of peacefulness.
  • Our administration is quick, viable and offers the largest amount of security for your family and pets.
  • We value our customer’s precious time and thus will respond within 24 hours, rather than the business standard of 48 hours.
  • Our rodent control specialists are issue solvers with many years of experience and exceptional preparing.
  • We have a certified group of specialists who not just enable you to dispose of the rodents yet additionally prevent the future infestation.
  • We can offer you free guidance on approaches to deflect rodents to maintain a strategic distance from an invasion in your home or business

Residential Rodent Control Brisbane

Trust our Residential Rodent Control Brisbane specialists to provide you with an effectual, eco-friendly rodent control methods that are designed considering the health of your family and pets. Our staff of experts is a group of specialists that have all the knowledge needed to tackle with any of your rodent’s issues. We understand their behaviors patterns, where they may be found, and how they should be eliminated. We will then provide you with fully tailored plan for both the treatment and elimination of points of entry and their nests.

To acquire a rodent inspection schedule with one of our qualified experts contact us today!.

Commercial Rodent Control Brisbane

We understand that a unique business require a unique commercial rodent control solutions. Fast Pest Rodent Control Brisbane has managed to retain its commitment to quality, professionalism, innovation and security in the environment for more than 20 years. Our commercial rodent control service covers all fields including food retail, food processing, and hospitality and health care services. Our service experts are trained at the highest possible level and certified by the state. In order to provide you with robust, established commercial rodent and mice control services which are effective against rodents, our experts will place every inch of their knowledge. You will receive a thorough search as well as a suggestion at such a fair cost that meets your specifications.

How We Treat Rodents?

Rodent control requires immediate guidance as inspection needs to be conducted to get rid of them before selecting the method. Fast Pest Control provides free inspection and depending on the type of infestation you are having and the severity of the surroundings, our experts will come out with all possible results to get rid of these rats.

Our rodent monitoring and removal services consists of these four stages:

  • Inspection: Our rodent inspector will come out to provide a complete top-to-bottom inspection of your your premises to determine the particular rodent infestation problem you are suffering from.
  • Identify: After Than They will identify any openings where rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons or other wildlife may be coming and going from on your property.
  • Rodent Exclusion: After identifying the issue and the source of entry, our exclusion team use the details to make all the necessary rodent control programs designed to address the immediate problem and prevent future issues.
  • Monitor the presence of mice and other rodents within a week after eradication have been implemented

Get Rodent Control Brisbane at Pocket Friendly Price

Are you searching for the experienced rodent control company that serves Brisbane and its suburbs? The presence of rats puts your household in harm’s way, let us rid and protect your home against these uninvited visitors.With our many years of experience and equipped with the latest tools and equipment our team has developed the finest methods in tackling the mice and rodent infestation as well as other pest infestations. Our specialists of mice and rodent control in Brisbane will conduct a thorough rodent inspection, identifying any signs of rodents, their entry points and locating their nests. With Fast Pest Control Brisbane’s same day services you don’t have to handle the mice and rodent issues on you own any longer. The quality and highly customer oriented rodent control Brisbane service has made us expert team of rodent control Brisbane.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Rat and Mice Control:

Can rodents harm babies?

Mice or rats can spread several diseases. They have been linked to asthma. Rats can bite babies in their cribs because milk’s smell or other food of baby can be attractive to rat seeking for food. so, be careful and keep away milk bottle from the baby. Get rat control services from our company.

How do you prevent rodent infestation?

Rat infestation is harmful to humans and should be controlled by professional pest controllers. We use safest, effective and professional pest control services. Our pest repellent products are effective and safe for your family.

How Can I avail your rodent control services?

You can easily avail our services by calling us today. We provide rat control services by applying the best techniques of pest removal. Our pest control services are provided by only professionals with effective procedures.

Are you available on weekends?

Yes, We provide pest control services 24x7x365. We work for only customer’s satisfaction and always try to find the best way to remove pest professionally. Our pest controllers are always ready to serve our customers with effective pest control services.

Can I hire your professionals for emergency pest control service?

Yes, You can also hire our professionals for rendering pest control services in emergency case and give emergency service too. We are a team of pleasant pest controllers who are fully permitted and trained in their profession. We have years of expertise in pest controlling service. You can contact us at any time for pest control services.