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Silverfish Control Melbourne

Control and Command Silverfish in Your Own Way

Silverfish are the small wingless insects that are found in Melbourne. They have silver scales on their body and has a fish-like appearance. Silverfish eats all the products that are made up of paper. They live on cellulose and protein. You can found them on your home as well as at your workplace.


They search for the environment that gives easy access to the food source, proper temperature and good humid place. Now no need to worry more as Fast Silverfish Control Melbourne team is here to solve your issue. We control silverfish with the most effective techniques without harming your lovely pets and kids.


We use eco-friendly chemicals to terminate the silverfish. Instant silverfish control service is provided to our clients. We work 24X7 to make Melbourne free from silverfish. We are reliable silverfish controllers that provides all pest control services at a reasonable price.

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    What Attracts Silverfish Inside Your House?


    Any corner of your place that has high moisture area then it becomes the hotspot for the silverfish. They love to hang out at that place. The place that does not have contact with the sunlight remains humid, and silverfish will make it as their habitat. If you have ant kind of wooden material that is lying on the floor, silverfish and other moisture lover pests will love to enjoy at that place. To exterminate the silverfish try to keep your home and other living places dry.

    Warm and Dark Place

    Silverfish prefers to live in temperature that are in between 70-90 degrees. The dark places of your corner become the hotspot of silverfish.

    Carbohydrates and Protein

    Silverfish eat flours, rolled oats, and starch from cardboard boxes, glue, book bindings, paper and other protein-rich product that may include dead insects, and dried beef to sustain their life. They keep on searching for their energy sources. So to eliminate these pesky pests try to keep the things in the organised form. Ensure the proper location of these objects to protect them from silverfish.

    Some Interesting Facts About Silverfish

    They are Prehistoric

    Silverfish are the oldest pests that are found worldwide. They are living on this planet from the past 400 Mil years.

    They have a very long life.

    Silverfish has long life. On average, they live for about 3 to 6 years, and some of them live for about 8 years. So if you have silverfish in your home or at the working place then don’t think that they are the only guest for about some period. They remain with you for a long time.

    They are Hard to Kill

    Silverfish has excellent tolerance power against poisons that are used to control them. It is not an easy task to terminate them entirely from your residential and commercial places.

    They have weird tastes.

    If you think that by removing the food source of silverfish you can control them, then think again. Silverfish feed on different types of materials, and even they can live for about 1 year without food and water.

    They are highly acrobatic.

    With the help of many appendages and small size, silverfish have the capability to scale walls and ceilings of your house. They get squeezed inside the small hole to protect them and can jump up to 2 feet height.

    Common Symptoms of Silverfish Infestation

    Seeing Live Silverfish

    If silverfish are living with you, then it is most obvious that you will see the live silverfish inside your premises — the body colour of silverfish range from brown-grey to bluish silver. The movement of silverfish resembles the shape of fish.

    Fecal Matter

    The dropping that silverfish creates is different from other pests. It is like small black peppercorns that you will mostly found on the places that are most favourite hotspots of silverfish.

    Shed Skin

    You will easily notice the shaded skins of silverfish that they shed many times during their lifecycle. The shaded skins are small and delicate. You will require little care to identify them.

    Yellow Stains/Dust

    Silverfish creates yellow stains as their moulting sign on the floor. You can also notice these stains on books, boxes, cardboard and papers.

    Silverfish Damage

    Silverfish are not so much dangerous to living beings, but they can cause damage to your home products. If you notice several holes inside the books or other paper related articles, then silverfish must have chewed them.

    What Objects/Places Fast Silverfish Control Melbourne Inspect?

    • Boxes and all file cabinets
    • Light fixtures
    • Behind all electric outlets
    • Baseboards
    • Within the walls and siding.
    • The joint section where water pipes and wall hole meets.
    • Top portions of the cabinet
    • Insulation.

    Types of Silverfish

    6 different types of silverfish are found in Melbourne.

    Common Silverfish

    The scientific term for silverfish is Lepisma saccharina. They grow for about the length of 0.5 to 1 inch. These wingless-type insects are found in silver to grey colour and have identical segments throughout the whole body. Common silverfish makes their habitat in moist places like basements, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. These silverfish spend nocturnal life. They get active during the night time in the dark places and hide from the sunlight. The average life of these silverfish are 7 to 8 years.


    They are the most common types of silverfish that are found in Melbourne. Bristletails have a cylindrical body shape. They make their habitat in wooded and grassy habitats like under tree barks, stones, decaying leaves, and rocks or any other damp and places that are dark. As they make their habitat in most places but their preferred place is moist soil. They feed on algae, mosses, decomposing organic detritus and lichens.

    Four-Lined Silverfish

    The scientific name of Four-Lined Silverfish is Ctenolepisma quadriseriata. They have four dark lines on their stomach at the lower part, which justifies their name. In size appearance, they are longer to other silverfish. For making their habitat, they choose flowerbeds, soil and roof shingles. To have good growth and maturation, Four-lined silverfish has a likeness for mild-warm places. They make paper and paper-based products as their food source to eat cellulose that are found in them. Four-lined silverfish have a uniform body structure and are of a grey colour. They don’t have wing.

    Gray Silverfish

    This silverfish is entirely grey in colour, and they are mostly found in dark and warm places that are inside your home like ovens, furnaces, clothes dryer etc. They feed on cellulose articles for their growth. Gray silverfish also live in crawl places and pipes in bathrooms. They are 2 inches long in length.


    These are elongated silverfish that are found in yellow colour. Silverfish love to be in surrounding above 90 degrees temperature. The scientific term for these silverfish is Thermobia domestica. The ideal places for firebrat are fireplaces and furnaces.

    Jumping Bristletail

    It is considered as a sub category of bristletail silverfish. The length of such kind of silverfish is half an inch and uniformly has silver and grey colour on their body. They prefer to make their habitat in rubble, stones and rocks and inside decomposing leaves. Jumping Bristletail feed on cellulose-rich materials.

    How to Protect your Residential and Commercial Places from Silverfish?

    With the help of natural techniques, you can control the population of silverfish to some extent.

    Boric Acid

    Being a low toxic level, boric acid is the best tool to remove the silverfish. You can easily sprinkle the boric acid on the places that are most seen with silverfish. It is the most effective tool to control silverfish. Also, in the market, several readymade products use boric acid; you can buy those as per your convenience.

    Diatomaceous Earth

    Diatomaceous Earth penetrates inside the exoskeleton of the silverfish, dehydrates them and ends their game. But before putting it, make sure that your kids and pets do not come in its direct contact, as it will harm them.


    It is made up of the seed of the pyrethrum plant. It is a biodegradable chemical pesticide that is considered less toxic than others. You can use pyrethrin spray and powder that are easily available in the market. You can apply it in the crevices and at another place where silverfish are active. As no any pesticides are entirely safe, so using pyrethrin that is less harmful from others is the excellent option.

    Jar Traps

    You can create your jar traps with the help of a glass jar and masking tape after that put some crackers inside the jar to be starchy just like bait. The silverfish who crawls inside does not get out.

    Why Choose Fast Silverfish Control Melbourne?

    • Fast Silverfish Control Melbourne has more than 10 years of experience in this industry.
    • We are a local silverfish controller that provides instant emergency service to our clients.
    • We provide 100% satisfaction to our customers.
    • All of our services are affordable and provided on the same day.
    • Eco-friendly chemical are used to terminate all types of silverfish.
    • We design a unique plan for every property to control pests.

    Process to Control Silverfish

    To control the silverfish in the right way, the Fast Silverfish Control Melbourne uses different methods to manage them.

    1. Using Baits:

    The experts of Fast Pest Control Melbourne, inspect the affected place and provides the baits treatment to silverfish. The bait works and provides the result therefore wait for at least 3 to 4 days. Placing the baits at the right place gives effective results. For the best effect, baits should be reapplied. The baits work faster and provide a long-lasting outcome.

    2. Application of Dust:

    Our expert technicians use the best-desired chemicals in the form of dust to the places that are most affected by the silverfish. Dust are applied in all the areas that are seen with silverfish infestation.

    3. Use of Pesticides:
    Pesticides are used by our expert technicians to spray over the perimeter of your house. The used chemicals are non-toxic and safe for kids, pets, and the environment. It will block the entry doors for the silverfish.

    DIY to Control Silverfish

    You can control silverfish with some useful home remedies. You can follow some of them.

    1. Lemon Juice

    Lemon juice distracts the scent that is used by the silverfish to identify their food source. The mixer of lemon and water works as multi purpose spray that can be used as the places that are seen with silverfish.

    2. Peppermint

    Mint act as a natural repellent for silverfish. Silverfish do not like the smell of essential oils that are generated by the peppermint. Apply the spray of the peppermint directly to the silverfish. The silverfish that come directly in contact with the spray get terminated from the house.

    3. Borax, sugar, and water

    The cake form of borax, water, and sugar gives slow results on the silverfish, but it is an effective solution against silverfish. The silverfish worker took away the solid cube with themselves at their colonies by understanding them as a food ingredient.

    4. Dish Soap and Water

    Applying the dish soap and water solution provides the excellent result against silverfish. Boiling water swipe way the nest of the silverfish and destroys their habitat, thus eliminating them from your premises.

    5. Vinegar

    Prepare a solution of water and vinegar in the spray bottle. You can apply it on the silverfish directly to control them. Use it on the windowsills, doors, and other places that are the entry points of the silverfish.

    6. Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

    Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth is another non-toxic killer for silverfish. It is an off-white talc-like powder that is used to control the silverfish. Probably Diatomaceous Earth kills all the silverfish and other crawling pests effectively.


    Why Choose Us?

    We are a leading and certified pest control company. Our focus is to deliver standard and excellent pest control outcomes. We also deliver local pest control services at an affordable cost.

    • Use of eco-friendly products
    • Professional and highly efficient methods
    • Staff with apt Australian certifications
    • Prompt response and guaranteed results
    • Best services at an affordable price
    • Same day pest control services available
    • Use of the latest tools and equipment along with effective pest control strategies
    • 24*7 availability and emergency services available

    Frequently Asked Questions on Silverfish Control Melbourne:

    Do silverfish climbs walls?


    Yes, silverfish jumps and climbs the walls quickly. Therefore they go to those places that are hard to catch to protect themselves. To remove them correctly, proper knowledge regarding the living habitat and habit of silverfish is required.

    What are the benefits of Fast Silverfish Control Melbourne?


    The Fast Silverfish Control Melbourne is ready to serve all the localities of Melbourne. We work 24X7 hours to exterminate silverfish. We are local pest controllers of the Melbourne. All of our services are budget-friendly and free from harmful chemicals. We take utmost care of your kids and pets while delivering the services.

    What are the food materials of Silverfish?


    Silverfish feeds on carbohydrates, sugar and starch. Consequently, other sources of food for silverfish are shampoos, cellulose, linen, silk, dead insects, books and other products that are made up of paper.

    What is the cause of silverfish inside your premises?


    Silverfish enter your premises in several ways. First one is the favorable climate that they require. They most importantly need water and food for their survival. Therefore this is the reason that you will found silverfish mostly in the kitchen, bathrooms and other places that has water and some food material. The temperature between 70 to 90 degree F and dark places are perfect places for silverfish.

    By Daniel - 10 February 2020