Silverfish Control Services

Fast Pest Control is an eminent pest management company which offers reliable and effective silverfish pest control services to all clients in Brisbane and Melbourne and nearby areas. Fast Pest Control uses superior and well-examined methods for tackling the infestation and growth of silverfish. These pests are between 5mm to 15mm long and have a uniform silver body colour. And as you can guess from their name, they look like tiny fishes.

Silverfish are long, slender, and have a flattened body; broad on front side and gradually narrowing towards the end. Unlike other pests, overall cleanliness doesn’t have much to do with silverfish prevention. They can invade any dark and damp place with warm temperature, like under sinks, basements, and laundry rooms.

Under Fast Pest Control Professional Pest Control Services, our experts first conduct a thorough inspection of potentially affected areas. Then they use suitable chemicals and insecticide on affected areas. We will also examine all cracks and crevices for hiding pests to make sure the problem is eliminated from its roots.

Silverfish Control Service
Silverfish Control Service

These pesky pests flourish mostly in damp habitations with medium temperatures. They can be located in any neglected place which is moist and dark. Their infestation are mostly found under sinks, closet shelves, bookshelves, kitchen, and basements. Oh, and did we mention they run terrifically fast? It’s wise to be prepared before disturbing their nest, because it takes them only a couple of seconds to empty their nest. This speed also helps them in travelling long distances to find suitable environment.

The most natural and effective way to prevent silverfishes is cinnamon. It is commonly used for deterring all kind of pests. However, cinnamon neither kills insects nor destroys their eggs. We highly recommend calling professional silverfish control services to deal with severe silverfish infestations. Pest Control Brisbane technicians have the training and experience to eliminate silverfish infestations completely from their roots. We also ensure that these unwanted pests do not return again by sealing off all their entry points.

Warning Signs and Prevention of Silverfish Infestations

  • Silver Fishes commonly mount during their adult stage; casting their old skin in the process. This can be used for early detection of silverfish infestations.
  • These pests usually feed on items rich in protein, starch, and sugar, including cereals, book bindings, damp wheat flour, and also glue. So it’s better to keep these things in sealed containers away from pests.
  • Silverfish leave many small holes and other irregular cavities in wallpapers, dry foods, papers, and book bindings when they eat.
  • Silverfish can make tiny holes in clothes and fabrics such as silk, linen, and cotton.
  • They also leave a dark yellow stain on clothes and fabrics.
  • Their nests can be commonly found in breeding grounds of other insects, birds, mammals, and below tree mulch and bark.
Silverfish Pest Control
Silverfish Pest Control

Fast Pest Control Professional Silverfish Control Services

Though not directly harmful to human health, silverfish infestations can cause a large amount of damage, especially in residential places. Fast Pest Control provides quick and effective silverfish pest control services in and around Brisbane and Melbourne. Call us today at 1800 339 712 to schedule an inspection and get a free quote of our services. Big or small, our team can handle all type of silverfish infestations. Fast Pest Control also provides 24*7 emergency pest control service.