Spider Pest Control

There are more than 40,000 recognized species of spiders in our world. And many of these species are domestic pests. Most house spiders are predators and feed on smaller insects, lizards, frogs, and also birds. Spiders are nocturnal, that is they are more active during night. House spiders will run away when troubled unless they are tending to young egg sacs during day time. Their favourite spots for when they are inactive or hiding include their deep webs, crevices, cracks, etc.

Spiders are by nature predators. They can paralyze and kill their prey in a swift second with their venom. They inject a form of pre-digestive fluid in the body of victim, and then suck the broken down liquid food. House spiders can live without food for more than three weeks and up to four months.

Spider Pest Control
Spider Pest Control

Fast Pest Control Spider Control Services

  • When you schedule an appointment with Fast Pest Control for spider control services an authorised pest controller will carry out a thorough inspection of your premises. Fast Pest Control spider control experts are trained and instructed to inspect spaces where spiders are commonly hidden. Then they proceed to determine how to flush out these pests buried in the cracks and crevices of your walls.
  • Different species of spider require different methods of treatment. After our experts have correctly identified the spider species nested in your premises, they will design a special treatment plan in order to effectively control their infestation. Fast Pest Control recommends spider control treatment without using chemicals for most house spider pests.
  • Our pest controllers will also advise you on what you can do to make your indoor premises least attractive to these pests.
  • Depending on the severity and spider species of your infestation, the expert can also recommend use of non-chemical plasters and blue board coverings. They can be used to seal crevices and cracks in your homes and offices.
  • This eliminates the possibility of future spider infestations and need for spider control.
Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

How To Prevent Spiders Infestations In Commercial and Residential Spaces

As mentioned before, house spiders’ diet mostly consists of small insects and lizards. Therefore, it is very important not to encourage such an environment which is conducive to these pests. Spider infestations can be easily prevented by adopting finest sanitation practices. Following are some common spider control tips to keep your homes free from these eight-legged pests:

  • Regularly clear clusters of clutter
  • Don’t store boxes that are not often used on floors
  • Seal the boxes that are rarely opened shut with tape. This prevents house spiders from using them as harbourage
  • In case of commercial space, prohibit any vegetation within two to three feet from the perimeter of building
  • Seal all crevices and cracks around windows, walls, and doors.

Contact us online or call at Fast Pest Control to get a free quote and schedule an appointment for free inspection of your premises.

Fun Fact: Spiders are not really insects! They are actually non-insect arachnids. Unlike most insects, spiders have only two main body parts. And they don’t have an antenna like insects either.

Spider Pest Control Infestations
Spider Pest Control Infestations