Top 6 Dangerous Spiders in Australia

Australia is famous worldwide for inhabiting more than 3,000 species of spiders. Moreover, it is considered as a country full of spiders. These spiders are of various sizes, color, and shapes. While some of these spiders are considered as the most venomous around the world, the rest of the species of spiders are harmless. Unlike the mosquitoes, bees, wasps and bed bugs, spiders bite only when someone tries to enter in their personal zone. They bite only for their defense. Spider bites can initiate rashes and itching. However, some spider bites can be very serious. Hence, they require immediate first aid and a proper treatment at the hospital.

Since prevention is better than cure, so in the case of a spider bite, it is better to contact the nearest medical facility available for the suitable treatment. Moreover, you also must have knowledge regarding all the spiders to know which ones to stay away from. This article will be a brief review of the 6 most deadly spiders of Australia. Have a look at them-

Funnel Web Spider

These spiders become aggressive quickly when threatened. Moreover, the Sydney Funnel Web Spider is one of the most notorious spiders in the world for its dangerous toxins. They live in burrows in humid environments. They enter homes when looking for a mating partner.

Redback Spider

These spiders find their shelter in mailboxes and garden sheds. Moreover, female spiders have a tendency of giving serious bites. Similar to their name, they are identified by the red stripe on their back of their black body.

White Tail Spider

They are the natural hunters. They do night wandering. Moreover, they are found in urban and natural areas. They prefer to live in cool conditions e.g. garden mulch. Generally, they are of dark red or grey in color. Their legs have orange banded patterns on them.

Mouse Spider

These spiders live usually near waterways and in furrows. Their morphology confuses them with Funnel Web Spider. But they differ from Funnel Web Spiders in their compact, squat and huge sheaths of fangs lying at the front of the head portion. They are the most active during the day. Moreover, they have no nocturnal habits like other spiders.

Black House Spider

These spiders prefer dry areas to live. They love to reside in window frames, gutters, sheds, and eaves. They find electric lights very attractive because electric lights attract mosquitoes and moths on which these spiders can feast. Hence, you will mostly find them near light sources.

Wolf Spider

These spiders are shy by nature. They hide in burrows. Moreover, they dwell on grounds that are covered by leaf litter and garden areas.

How to Prevent Spiders?

Below are a few tips by which one can prevent spiders:

  • Keep the house free of debris and clutter
  • Regularly vacuum the crevices and corners of the home
  • Identify the gaps and crevices in the doors and windows. Try to fix them as they can serve as a house for spiders.
  • If the number of spiders increases at your home try to take help from the nearby professional pest control Service at your locality.

Professional spider control services-

Since spiders can be pretty dangerous and difficult to spot, it is best to avail professional help in order to get rid of them. Moreover, they also tend to hide in areas which are difficult to reach. With the help of professionals, however, you can get rid of them completely without any hassle. Doing it on your own is also dangerous since their bites are toxic at times and give you rashes and allergies. Professionals on the other hand not only have sound knowledge of all the spiders but are also aware of their behavior in different situations. The experts know how to trap them and give them a hard time.

While you might be wondering whom to contact to get rid of spiders, it is a good pest control company; you must get in touch with. If you too want to make your home or office, free from spiders, then you must avail the services of Fast Pest Control Service Melbourne. It is one of the leading pest control company with years of experience and expertise. Moreover, the professionals have the right tools and chemicals to make your home spider-free in an efficient manner. Apart from spiders, the company specializes in other types of pest control as well such as wasps, ants, beetles, termites etc.